Competition: Saturday, March 4, 2017

8 a.m. Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds, Sonoita, AZ

Eligibility: Must receive application no later than February 14, 2017.

Mandatory orientation: Saturday, February 18, 2017

Rules for 2017 Sonoita Labor Day Rodeo Royalty:

1. A rodeo queen, princess and Little Miss will be selected every year at a pageant contest held at the Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds.

2. The Rodeo Queen (18-23), Princess (12-17) and Little Miss (7-11) must meet the age requirements as of March 4, 2017.

3. Queen, Princess and Little Miss must be capable of fulfilling the roles and responsibilities of the Rodeo Royalty including attendance at the Pima County Fair Rodeo (March), Sonoita Annual Horse Races (May), Inaugural Memorial Day Rodeo (Late May), Labor Day Rodeo (September), County Fair (September), GCPRA Finals Queen only November) and Annual Membership Dinner (December).

4. The rodeo royalty will participate in all scheduled days of the Labor Day Rodeo (Sept. 2, 3 & 4, 2017) including assistance with the junior rodeo, grand entry and presentation of sponsor flags. Failure to appear at mandatory events will warrant disciplinary action and/or removal from her reign and for the queen only, possible forfeiture of scholarship.

5. The Queen, Princess and Little Miss shall make special appearances at approved association and other rodeos including: Cave Creek Rodeo, Lost Dutchman Days, Copper Dust Stampede, Rex Allen Days Rodeo, Benson Butterfield Days and Florence Junior Parada. Rodeo participation is at the discretion of the Queen and advisor must be approved though Queen and/or advisor prior. Parade participation is acceptable horseback for queens and at the discretion of parents for princess and

2017 Sonoita Labor Day Rodeo Queen, Princess and Little Miss Rules

little miss. For most parades, a helmet must be worn for all participants under the age of 12.

6. The Royalty competitor must be single, not have any children and not an expectant mother during her reign.

7. The SCCFRA will provide an honorary membership to the Queen, Princess and Little Miss for 2017.

8. The rodeo royalty will act as role models for the youth and conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times. This includes posts on all social media. Royalty will refrain from posting offensive language, as well as, inappropriate physical conduct or partying. Inappropriate comments include; public airing of grievances and negative comments about other rodeo royalty or rodeo organizations. This will be monitored by the committee upon receipt of application.

9. For a Queen who meets legal drinking age, no alcohol will be consumed at mandatory events or while representing Sonoita at outside events (rodeo and other) while in queen attire. Use of illegal drugs is strictly prohibited. Any violation of this policy is grounds for dismissal. Underage drinking, smoking or use of illegal drugs by any royalty member is grounds for immediate removal.

10. If a contest winner cannot complete her required duties, she will forfeit her crown, buckle, saddle, sashes and scholarship (queen only) and the first runner up will replace the outgoing member of the Sonoita Rodeo Royalty. This will be decided by the Royalty Committee on a case-by-case basis.

11. Sonoita Rodeo Royalty may not hold any other crown or title from March 4, 2017 until the next royalty contest in March 2018. However, an exception will be made if the Queen wishes to run for either Miss Rodeo Arizona (August) or Miss Turquoise Circuit (November). If one of the two titles is won, Sonoita Queen must fulfill her obligations of Sonoita Royalty as well.

Contest Day:

The contest consists of the following events

Arena: Begins at 8 a.m. (This may be adjusted depending on number of contestants)

Reining Pattern

Barrel Pattern

Royalty Salute Run

Flag Lap (No flag lap for Little Miss)

Written Test:

May be taken any time between noon and 3 p.m. in Pioneer Hall

Interview: Begins at 1 p.m.

Contestant Dinner and Royalty Selection: Begins promptly at 5 p.m.

Contestant Introduction/speech, Best Dress Competition and Impromptu Questions, Crowning

The contest will begin promptly at 8 a.m. and will begin with horsemanship patterns. Little Miss contestants will compete first, followed by Princess contestants and ending with Queen. Once all competitors are finished with their reining pattern, we will continue with the barrel pattern, salute and flag runs. The Little Miss contestants will not participate in the flag run. When contestants have completed their barrel, salute and flag runs they are dismissed, allowed to unsaddle and put their horses up. Contestants will be given the opportunity to prepare for the interview beginning at 1 p.m. The interview order will follow the same order as arena events. This order will be randomly selected by the royalty committee. After contestants complete their interview they are free to change and prepare for the “Personal Style” and impromptu questions to take place at the dinner. Crowning will take place after the judges have the opportunity to tally the scores. Scores will be available and mailed to the contestants one week after the competition.

Arena Events: 60 percent of total score

 Contestant will perform the course provided in front of the judges on the day of the event.

 More than one horse may be used.

 Multiple outfits or wardrobe changes are allowed during arena events; however, this will not be taken into consideration for horsemanship score.

 Presentation of horse including tack will be part of the horsemanship score.

Interview: 10 percent of total score

 Contestants will wear any attire that is clean and represents the contestant’s professional style. This may be western or other.

Personal Style Presentation at Dinner: 10 percent of total score

 This does not need to consist of Western Attire or Cowgirl apparel. This category is a chance for the contestant to show off their best personal style and how they would like to be recognized. This attire is considered evening or special event.

Impromptu questions/Speech: 10 percent of total score

 Little Miss contestants will have one minute to introduce themselves to the audience and judges. Princess and Queen contestants will make a speech on a topic provided by the royalty committee. Time allowed will be discussed at orientation.

 Contestants will be asked at least two questions on horsemanship and current events. Questions will be randomly selected for each contestant.

Written Test: 10 percent of total score

 To be taken by each contestant on March 4, 2017. Several times will be available throughout the competition day.

Prizes Include:

 Queen: $1000 scholarship, saddle, buckle, crown, sashes and $150 gift certificate courtesy of Spur Western Wear.

 Princess: Buckle, crown, sashes and $150 gift certificate courtesy of Spur Western Wear.

 Little Miss: Buckle, crown, sashes and $150 gift certificate courtesy of Spur Western Wear.

**Contestants will also receive chaps and vest to be returned at the end of their reign

Special Note Regarding Little Miss: It is at the discretion of the Royalty Committee if the Little Miss will ride in the Sonoita Rodeo. Safety is our first concern and horsemanship must be at a high level in order to participate in arena events involving horses.

Please call or email Kristin Tomlinson with any questions at 520-909-8307 or