PROCEDURES FOR ENTERING EXHIBITS
Entry forms are available online by clicking on the ‘ENTRY FORMS’ link or at the fairgrounds office. Entry forms will also be available on Wednesday, September 13 in Pioneer Hall. We encourage you to submit your entry forms ear-ly, or you may submit them when you bring your entries to Pioneer Hall or to one of our new entry collecting sites in Rio Rico and Nogales.
The Quilting Department uses a special entry form. One form must be completed for each quilt entered.
                                                                        GENERAL RULES & REGULATIONS
1. Competition is limited to Santa Cruz County and the area lying geographically and historically adjacent.
2. Every entry shall be entered in the name of the producer or the owner or his/her agent.
3. Entry tags will be furnished for each animal or article exhibited. These will be properly filled out and attached to the exhibit.
4. All exhibits and entries shall be under the complete control of the Fair Management Board and cannot be removed from the grounds before 4:00pm September 17, 2017, or by appointment.
5. Judges will award ribbons according to merit. Except where noted, the Santa Cruz County Fair utilizes the Danish system of judging. In this system, the judge does not judge one entry comparing it to another. The evaluation is made against a standard. Blue ribbons will be given to those entries which most nearly meet the highest standards established for the particular class. Red ribbons will be given to those entries which rank ‘very good’ in relation to the standards. White ribbons will be given to those entries that rank ‘acceptable’ or ‘satisfactory’.
In addition, the judge may present awards to those entries which merit recognition, i.e. Best of Show, Honorable Mention, and Special Award.
6. Ribbons will be awarded according to judging records. NO EXCEPTIONS.
8. All exhibits must be prepared to conform to the special regulations of the department in which exhibited. Any EXHIBIT found offensive in any way will not be displayed or judged.
9. In the event of a dispute, the decision of the Fair Management Board will be final.
10. Commercial organizations and others exhibiting articles not for competition must make arrangements for available space (call 520-455-5553).
11. Exhibitors will be responsible for transportation of exhibits to and from the Fair or to or from designated pick-up points in Nogales and Rio Rico.
12. All classes except Fine Arts have Children’s, Junior, Developmentally Disabled, and Visually Impaired Categories that will be identified in the sub-class column on the entry form (unless otherwise noted in department). Children “CH”: age 6-13: Junior “JR”: age 14-18: Developmentally Disabled “DD”: Visually Impaired “VI”. Age must be on entry form. Exhibitor must stay in age group and cannot exhibit in any other section.
13. Articles previously entered in the Santa Cruz County Fair or any other county fair may be entered & marked for display only but are not eligible for competition.
14. Fair Management is not responsible for any awards offered by private individuals or businesses.
15. The Fair Management Board has the right to reject any exhibit.                                                 16. Animals showing disease or infestation (open or 4-H/FFA) will not be allowed to exhibit. Animals that are deemed uncontrollable or a safety hazard must be removed from the grounds upon owner/exhibitor receiving notice.

                                                           QUILTING DEPARTMENT RULES & REGULATIONS
1.Quilts entered for judging must have been finished within the last 2 years and may not have been entered previously in the Santa Cruz County Fair.
2. There is no limit on the number of quilts that can be entered by a single exhibitor. However, only one quilt per class per exhibitor is eligible for judging. The Department Superintendent may limit the number of items displayed by one exhibitor due to space limitations.
3. Quilts will not be accepted for judging or display if they are not clean (be sure to remove pet hair) and odor free (e.g. no cigarette smoke or strong perfume).

                                                                      Class Description
001 - Applique, perimeter 250” or less (more than 50% of quilt is appliqued)
002 - Applique, perimeter 251” or more (more than 50% of quilt is appliqued)
003 - Pieced, perimeter 250” or less (more than 50% of quilt is pieced)
004 - Pieced, perimeter 251” or more (more than 50% of quilt is pieced)
005 - Miniature, scaled down version of a standard block/quilt, perimeter 96” or less
006 - My First quilt—any size, any technique
007 - Youth quilt, any size, any technique, under 16 years old, specify age
008 - Non-traditional—any size, includes art quilts, original designs, mixed technique, or innovative use of traditional design                  pattern
009 - Group—any size, any technique, made by more than one person
010 - Wearable quilted items
011 - Household items incorporating quilting (e.g. placemats, totes, pillows, runners)
012 - Other than classified (e.g. whole cloth, embroidered)